About me…

I was born in Winnipeg and I grew up in Alberta and then the Northwest Territories.  It was in the NWT where I developed a love for the theatre by being exposed to the technical aspects of the lighting, sound, and special effects.

After graduating high school, I  served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Military Police Officer for 10 years.  As well as being involved in general policing duties, I also spent 7 years with the Airborne Battlegroup and participated in several operational missions.  Most notably, I served in the theater of operations during the Iraq – Kuwait Gulf War.

After leaving the Canadian Forces, I spent seven years as a Fire Fighter, owned my own business, and then I moved on to be a large loss Insurance Adjuster.

I first found my way to the stage, as an actor, in 2003 and since then have developed a love for all aspects of the theatre both on and off the stage. I have been lucky enough to fill numerous roles from sound and lighting operator, to sound designer, production manager, and director. I jumped in front of the camera, for the first time, in 2004 for my first feature film. Since then I have worked as a movie critic for CBC North Television, and I have been a part of several really great film projects.

I have always had a passion for team sports and physical activities.  I tried my hand at various martial arts over the years and earned a Black Belt in Kempo Karate and a Blue Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  I am an avid Master Scuba Diver, I maintain a gym routine, and love to go mountain biking, camping, standup paddleboarding, and other outdoor pursuits.

Your life is what you make it.  Get out and do!